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HR Legal is more than a law firm,

We are a movement.

We don’t just practice law,
we breathe new life into it.

Substance over formality

Our focus is on delivering solutions, rather than representation.
Clients don't need suits and ties, they need results and support.

We’re not afraid
to get dirty

Ask our clients with strict deadlines. We’re in
the trenches with them, until we find a way out.

Transparency is
the new black

We're all-in on straightforward communication.
Our actions are as clear as our advice.

Diversity is
a powerhouse

Our strength lies in our diversity. Every unique voice adds to
our collective wisdom. Diverse teams bring better solutions.

Impact excites

Our Sunday blues gets overshadowed by Monday's mission.
Our team is united by meaningful work and shared values.

Thomas De Jongh is flexible, responsive and straightforward.

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