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Le droit du travail n’a plus de secret pour nous, et nous aimons les défis. Cette combinaison fait de nous un partenaire efficace. La solution est parfois évidente mais nous n’hésitons pas non plus à prendre des risques.

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Des petites et des grandes entreprises, tant locales qu’internationales. Pensez à Levi Strauss, Quatra, Holland & Barrett,… 

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Pour notre approche, nos connaissances et parce que nous faisons ce que nous disons et disons ce que nous faisons.

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Nous aidons également les multinationales à s’établir en Belgique ou à engager du personnel belge par directement avec une entité étrangère.

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Employees often seek advice on whether their termination was legal. This includes assessing if the termination violated any specific terms of an employment contract, if it was in retaliation for the employee’s legal activities (like whistleblowing), or if it was discriminatory based on race, gender, age, or other protected characteristics. Understanding the nuances of wrongful termination laws and the specific circumstances of each case is crucial.

Clients may have concerns about the legality and fairness of certain clauses in their employment contracts. These could include non-compete clauses, clauses that limit an employee’s rights in a dispute, or terms that could be seen as unfair or overly restrictive. An employment lawyer can analyze these contracts to ensure they comply with state and federal laws and advocate for the employee’s rights.

Questions in this area are centered around what constitutes illegal discrimination and harassment in the workplace. This includes understanding the rights of employees under laws like the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other federal and state laws. Lawyers provide guidance on how to document and report such instances and what legal recourse is available to victims.

Inquiries in this area often involve whether employees are being paid in accordance with state and federal wage laws. This includes issues like receiving the minimum wage, proper compensation for overtime, and correct classification as an employee versus an independent contractor. Lawyers can help employees understand their rights and seek back pay and damages if these laws have been violated.

Employers and employees alike might ask about the legality of various workplace policies. This can include policies related to employee privacy, drug testing, leave policies, and workplace safety. An employment lawyer can review these policies to ensure they are in compliance with current labor laws and advise on best practices to avoid legal issues.

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